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A cleaner future together with CASCA.
energy future into your own hands.
German engineering with 11 years of innovation and ingenuity allows you to take your energy future into your own hands.
Optimise and protect your home with safe and reliable energy storage
Whether you are looking to invest in new PV panels or already have installed solar panels at home,
we have a CascaESS that is right for your home.
Join a unique community of around the world who power their homes with casca and renewable energy.
Together we are making a difference for individuals, communities and the planet by building a clean, reliable and sustainable energy future for everyone
How energy storage system works.
Whatever time of day, the cascaESS will help you optimise your solar panels by allowing you to harness more of the sun‘s energy.
Use up to 80% of your self-generated energy by storing sunlight and using it when the sun isn‘t shining.
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